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Mauritius La Réunion

Terms of use

Terms of use

The present terms of sale are conducted on one hand:

• By the Société Réunionnaise d’Exploitation et de Gestion Hôtelière « SA SREGH »,
A duly registered company with a capital of 745,000 euros, situated at 190, rue des Deux Canons - Immeuble Futura - 97 490 Sainte Clotilde (Reunion Island), registered at the Registry of Commerce and Companies of Saint Denis of Reunion Island on Registration no. B 333 375 624 ;
Tel: (+262)
Fax: (+262) 262.21.62 20
e-mail : resweb@apavou-hotels.com

Company running « APAVOU HOTELS - RESORTS & SPA » at Reunion Island, namely :

Hôtel Le Saint Denis ;
2, rue Doret - BP 43 - 97461 Saint Denis cedex
Téléphone : (+262)
Télécopie : (+262)
e-mail : resweb@apavou-hotels.com

• The Company SREGH LIMITED, company that runs
- l’hôtel Ambre,
Private company with a capital of 5 000 000 rupees situated at Bellemare - Mauritius, registered at Port Louis on the 20th May 1988 bearing no. 6963.
Téléphone : (+230) 401.80.00
Télécopie : (+230) 415.15.94
e-mail : resweb@apavou-hotels.com

• The Company SEHC, company that runs
- l’hôtel Les Cocotiers,
Private company with a capital of 100 000 rupees, situated at Le Goulet - Baie du tombeau - Mauritius, registered at Port Louis the 21st November 2000 bearing no. 25896.
Téléphone : (+230) 247.42.00
Télécopie : (+230) 247.42.11
e-mail : resweb@apavou-hotels.com

• The company SEHB, company that runs
- l’hôtel Bougainville,
Private company with a capital of 100 000 rupees, situated at Route côtière - Trou d’eau douce - Mauritius, registered at Port Louis the 20th November 2000 bearing no. 25897.
Téléphone : (+230) 419.72.06
Télécopie : (+230) 480.24.32
e-mail : resweb@apavou-hotels.com

• The company SMEGH LIMITED, company that runs
- La Plantation Resort & Spa,
Private company with a capital of 100 000 roupies situated at Balaclava - Mauritius, registered at Port Louis the 8th December 1998 bearing no. 21674.
Téléphone : (+230) 204.30.00
Télécopie : (+230) 261.57.09
e-mail : resweb@apavou-hotels.com

• The company SEHIC, company that runs
- Indian Resort,
Private company with a capital of 5 000 000 rupees, situated at Pointe south-west - Le Morne - Mauritius, registered at Port Louis the 13th September 2002 bearing no. 43106.
Téléphone : (+230) 401.42.00
Télécopie : (+230) 450.40.11
e-mail : resweb@apavou-hotels.com

thenceforth, named « the seller » ;

on the other hand, by all physical or moral person wishing to proceed for a purchase through the website of the SA SREGH www.apavou-hotels.com,

thenceforth named « the buyer ».

We reserve the right to update this document at any time. However, any reservation made before the update will be honoured on the date of the stay on the same conditions as specified.

Article 1 - Field of application

the general terms of sales are subject to the regulations concerning the sale by distance, namely articles L121-16 to L121-20 of the consumption code integrating the Directive 97/7 CE of the 20th May 1997 concerning the consumer protection by way of a contract by distance as well as articles 1101 following the Civil Code and the law on the trust of e-commerce no. 2004-575 of the 21st June 2004.

Article 2 - Legal Capacity

The buyer declares having the capacity to conclude the present contract, which terms of sale are presented thenceforth, that is being of age and not being under any legal guardianship in case of a physical person. If he is representing a moral person, he should have the right to commit the moral person to the title of the contract of sale.

Article 3 - Formation of the contract

1 - The information
Before entering in the contract, we bring to your attention in a clear and comprehensible manner, the different stages to follow so as to conclude the contract, as well as pointing the essential characteristics of the service we are providing and its price.
At all times, you will be able to easily access certain information about us allowing you to identify who we are. Our contact details will allow you to contact us quickly and to communicate directly and effectively with us.

2 - The offer
Our offer is firm, precise and unequivocal. It remains valid throughout the connection with the website.

3 - Pending conditions
The conclusion of the contract is conditional on the payment of the deposit. The payment is effective only when the concerned company collects the deposit.

4 - The acceptance
You are going to demonstrate your acceptance by filling in good faith, with precision the information about yourself and by clicking the validation icons which are put at your disposal. At the end of the process, you are going to be asked on the screen to confirm your acceptance in a manner to confer to it a neat, simple and formal aspect.

5 - The conclusion of the contract
The contract is considered to be brought to its conclusion as soon as you receive an email of confirmation from us.
As from the debit of the deposit from your bank account, the email of confirmation is presumed to have been received by you, except if you inform us that no confirmation has been received. In fact, if you do not receive the said email, it is your duty to contact our reservation centre on the following address: resweb@apavou-hotels.com.

Article 4 - Objet

These terms of sale apply to all reservations made on the www.apavou-hotels.com web site of the hotels group « APAVOU HOTELS - RESORTS & SPA», at Reunion Island and/or Mauritius. These are an integral part of the contract. The present terms of sales aim at defining the contractual relationship between the buyer and the seller and these terms are applicable to all reservations made through the trading website whether the buyer is a professional or a consumer.

The acquisition of a service through the present website implies an unreserved acceptance from the buyer of the abovementioned terms of sale.

These terms of sale will override all other general or distinct conditions which have not been expressly accepted by the seller.

The seller reserves the right to be able to modify his conditions of sale at any time. In such a case, the applicable conditions will be those in force at the date of the order by the buyer.

Article 5 - Characteristics of the services offered

5.1 The products from the catalogue
The services offered are those which are contained in the catalogue published on the www.apavou-hotels.com website and mainly the reservation of the products of the hotels in Reunion Island and/or Mauritius from the group « APAVOU HOTELS - RESORTS & SPA».
These services are are subject to availability.

The photos in the catalogue are as truthful as possible but they cannot guarantee a perfect similarity with the product offered and thus are non-contractual.

5.2. La classification de l’hôtel
The number of stars awarded to the establishment featuring in the description corresponds to an established classification in reference to the local norms of the host country and which can differ from the norms of the European countries. The hotels from the group « APAVOU HOTELS » at Reunion Island are subject to the French norms.

5.3 The renting of the rooms
The renting of the rooms is from 14h00 and check out is at noon.

No reservations can be made after 12h00 (GMT + 4h) for the same day. In this case, contact our reservation centre via email at the following address: resweb@apavou-hotels.com.

If you book a room it will be given to you whatever time you arrive

5.4 The meals
The number of meals depends on the number of nights spent at the hotel.

Full board starts with dinner on the first night and ends with lunch following the last night.

Half board starts with dinner on the first night and ends with breakfast following the last night: this includes a breakfast and a dinner per day.

Whether in the context of full board or half board, drinks are not included except expressly mentioned in the description of the catalogue.

5.5 Les Babies
We invite all the parents of babies to bring with them the specific food they wish for their child, which they might not certainly find locally.
The free installation of a baby cot should be requested whilst making the booking.

5.6 Proposed activities during the stay
It can happen that the indicated activities proposed in the description of the catalogue be cancelled for reasons of weather conditions, in cases of
‘force majeur’, stay outside tourist season or when the minimum number of participants required for the activity is not met. In such cases, the seller’s responsibility cannot be committed. Generally, the animation and the sport activities may vary in intensity in function of the occupancy rate of the establishment and the weather conditions.
The schedule for the opening of the bars, restaurants and discotheques may be irregular and dependant on the hotel management.

Article 6 - Duration for the validity of the offer

The offers are valid form the 1st March 2005 and within the limits of availability.

Article 7 - Order

The buyer who wishes to make a booking must compulsorily:
- Fill in the identification form in which he will indicate all the information required.
- Fill in the online order form, giving all the references of the products or services chosen.
- Validate his/her order after having checked it.
- Make the payment in the requested conditions.
- Confirm the order and its regulations.

The confirmation of the order brings about the acceptance of the present conditions of sale, the acknowledgement of having full knowledge of same and the renunciation to take advantage of his/her conditions of sale or other conditions.

The overall data given the registered confirmation is proof of the translation. The confirmation is worth your signature and acceptance of the operations made.

The seller will communicate via electronic letter confirmation of the registered order.

Article 8 - Modification - Cancellation of individual guests (including professional individual businessman)

8.1 Retraction
The buyers, non professional physical individuals benefit of a time limit of seven clear days to retract as from the day where the confirmation by electronic mail of the information was made, without having to justify the reason and without any penalty.
With every booking a reference of order will be delivered which will allow you, if the case arises, to cancel your booking.
In the case of exercising your right to cancel, the seller will be bound to reimburse the sum paid in a period of maximum 30 days as from the reception of your request of cancellation.

8.2 Cancellation
All cancellation should be made in writing.
If you do not present yourself to the hotel and you have not cancelled your booking without prior notice in the time limit as per article 8.1, there will be no cancellation fee, save the bank charges, if you respect the following time limit:
- If you cancel your booking more than 15 days prior to the arrival date : 25 %


If you cancel your booking between 14 and 0 days prior to arrival: 100 % of the total stay.

Article 9 - Groups cancellation (Incentives, leisure, travel professionals)

All cancellations have to be made in writing.

Total cancellation :
For all the cancellations made more than 30 days before the arrival date at the hotel: 10% of the total sum of the bill will be kept by the hotel.
In case of the full group cancellation between 29 days and 7 days before the arrival date at the hotel: 50% of the total sum of the bill will be kept by the hotel.
Less than 7 days before the arrival at the hotel: 100% of the total sum of the bill will be kept by the hotel.

Partial cancellation:
For all cancellations over 60 days from the arrival date at the hotel: 10% of the rooms can be cancelled without penalty, above this 10%, you will incur 10% of the fee.
Between 59 days and 30 days before the arrival of the group at the hotel, you will incur 20% of the fee.
Between 29 days and 7 days before the arrival of the group at the hotel: you will incur 50% of the fee.
Less than 7 days of the arrival of the group at the hotel: you will incur 100% of the fee.

The management of the hotel reserves the right to cancel without notice or indemnity:
- If events of ‘force majeur’ or fortuitous cases force it (cyclone, strike, fire, attacks, war, damages, by order of the government, or other disasters).
- If the client becomes bankrupt or files a bankruptcy statement.
- If the staying of the group brings prejudice (or has previously brought prejudice) in one of the hotels of the group « APAVOU HOTELS »

For all the abovementioned events, the hotel will reimburse all the payment already made and its responsibility can no longer be committed.

Article 10 - Rates

10.1 Individual rates (including business guests)
The basic rate is for a double room or a single one, per day, breakfast, taxes and services included tax free for stays at the hotels of the group «APAVOU HOTELS» at Reunion Island.

The basic rate is for a double room or a single one, per day, half board (breakfast and dinner), taxes and services included tax free for stays at the hotels of the group « APAVOU HOTELS » at Mauritius.

The rates featuring in the catalogue are rates including all taxes in euros taking into account the VAT applicable on the day of the booking depending on the country.

The seller reserves the right to modify its rates at any time, all changes of the VAT can have repercussions on the prices of the products or services, however, with the understanding that the rates featuring on the catalogue on the day of the booking will be the only one applicable to the buyer.

The prices which are indicated do not include the fee for the transfer between the airport and the hotel. However, we can take bookings of your transfers with our partners, without any responsibility.

10.2 Groups’ rates (Incentives, pleasure, travel professionals)
The groups’ rates are applicable as from fifteen persons having a stay of the same length and comprising identical benefits and being object of the same invoice. In case of the reduction of the group of less than 15 persons, the billing will be made on the basis of individual rates applicable in the concerned hotels.
The professional client commits him/herself to supply a situation of the sale 21 days before the arrival date of the group. The written final nominative list will have to reach the hotel or the reservation centre, latest 10 days before the arrival date of the group.
In case of a group coming to any of the hotels for a meal, half board or full board, the choice of menu for the meal or meals will have to be attached to the nominative list.
Without receiving the abovementioned document, the hotel reserves the right to use the premises object of the reservation.

10.3 Groups free offers (Incentives, leisure, and travel professionals)
The following free offers will be applicable on the basis of the benefit ordered for the entire group:

One ½ double (in half-board or all inclusive depending on the retained formula):
- for 15 paying people if it concerns a group in half board
- for 20 paying people if it concerns a group of individual grouped together in half board
- for 30 paying people if it concerns all inclusive
These free offers are not proportional to the number of people constituting a group; the maximum is 5 free of charge per group.

Article 11 - Mode of payment

With each order we will ask for your credit card number and its expiry date. This information will only be for the payment of deposit up to 25% of the price of the complete stay to guarantee your reservation at the time of confirmation of your order.
However, in case of no-show at the hotel and if you have not given prior notice of your cancellation in the prescribed conditions, penalties are going to be applied in accordance to article 9.
The rest of the payment will be differed and demanded at latest at your departure from any of our hotels.
You can settle your bill at the hotel with all the accepted mode of payments by our hotels
The payment on « APAVOU HOTELS - RESORTS & SPA» website will be made by credit card; they are going to be made through the secured system Klick & Pay.

For further information refer to our confidentiality charter.

At all times the buyer can obtain a bill on paper. This request should be made to the reservation centre at the following address: resweb@apavou-hotels.com.

Article 12 - Complaints

All complaints, requests for reimbursement after your arrival at the hotel should be made via the post at the registered office of the companies mentioned at the beginning of the present document within 30 days from your departure from the hotel concerned. Beyond this time limit no complaints will be taken into consideration.

Article 13 - Responsibilities

The seller in the process of selling online is bound only by obligations of means, its responsibility cannot be committed for damages caused during the use of the internet network like loss of data, intrusion, virus, service failure or either involuntary problems.

The website can contain hypertext links towards other websites which are independent from the hotel group « APAVOU HOTELS - RESORTS & SPA ».

Article 14 - Force majeur

In case of a force majeur, the hotel having only an obligation of means will try to relocate the customers, in priority in one of the establishment of the group « APAVOU HOTELS » in a category equal or superior to the hotel booked.

Article 15 - Intellectual Property

All the elements of the seller’s website are and remain its intellectual property and are exclusive. The brands or social reasons cited on the websites are strictly protected in the content of intellectual property, no one is authorised to reproduce, exploit, re-broadcast or use for any reasons whatsoever, even partially, the elements of the website be it logistics, visual or sound except the goodies for a personal use on informatics support uniquely and not for profession or commercial use.

All simple links or by hypertext are strictly forbidden without having an express written agreement from the seller.

In fact, all the reproduction rights are reserved, including for those documents which can be downloaded, as well as for iconographic and photographic representations. The partial or total reproduction of this website on any kind of electronic device is strictly forbidden save with express authorisation.

Article 16 - Data with personal information

In conformity with the law concerning data processing regarding the files and the freedom dated 6th January 1978, amended by the law of the 6th August 2004, information with nominative aspect concerning the buyer can be subject to an automated processing.

The seller reserves the right to collect information on the buyers including those by using the cookies and if he wishes to transmit this collected information to commercial partners.

The buyers can object to the revelation of their personal details and have the right to access and rectify the data concerning them, in conformity with the law of the 6th of January 1978 by informing the seller on the following email address: contact@apavou-hotels.com

The automated processing of information, including the management of email address of users of the website has made the subject matter of a declaration at the CNIL (Commission Informatique et Libertés - France) on the 27th January 2005 registered bearing number 1069586 which is being applied by the law promulgated on 6th January 1978 concerning data processing, files and freedom.
For further clarifications on the above please look at our confidentiality charter.

Article 17 - Archives - Proofs

The seller will record all order forms and bills on a trustworthy and solid format constituting an exact copy in conformity with the dispositions of article 1348 of the Civil Code.

The computerised registers of the seller will be considered by the parties like communication, orders, payments and transactions exchanged between the parties.

The buyer can, at all times, obtain a copy of this register (order form, bill) through a simple request on the following address : resweb@apavou-hotels.com

Article 18 - Settlement of legal disputes

The present conditions of sale are subject to French laws.
In case of a legal dispute, the right to judge is given to the competent courts of Saint Denis of Reunion Island.

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